Selma Throughout the Years

Selma Through the Years

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Originally part of the Raspberry Plain land tract purchased by Ann Mason for her son Thomson in 1741, Selma was built by Armistead Mason, Thomson’s grandson, in 1810. Owned by the Beverley family during the Civil War, the original Mason home burned in 1896, and the property was held briefly by Maryland Gov. Thomas Swan (owner of Morven Park) before being purchased by Elijah B White. White built a mansion which incorporated a small part of the original Mason estate in his design. Sharon Virts and Scott Miller restored the property in 2016.

Meet Scott Miller & Sharon Virts

Preserving Virginia's History

The meaning of life could be found in Giving. When you use your skills and resources to contribute to the well-being of others, our communities, and by extension the world at large, life is richer for it. Scott and Sharon spent the first half of their lives establishing successful careers in the ultra-competitive world of high-tech and government contracting, and while their accomplishments are various and significant, the real driving force of their lives is philanthropy. The journey they embarked on when they decided to rescue Selma Mansion from ruin is just one example of their commitment to the community in which they live.

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