Scott Miller & Sharon Virts

Philanthropic Endeavours Give Life Meaning

The meaning of life can be found in Giving. When you use your skills and resources to contribute to the well-being of others, life is richer for it. Scott Miller and Sharon Virts spent the first half of their lives establishing successful careers in the ultra-competitive world of high-tech and government contracting, and while their accomplishments are significant, the real driving force of their lives is philanthropy. The journey they embarked on when they decided to rescue Selma Mansion from ruin is just one example of their commitment to the community in which they live.

Scott was raised in Pennsylvania and Sharon was raised and has deep roots in Loudoun County, growing up in Lucketts, a quaint village of Leesburg. Both have developed strong bonds to the Loudoun County community; and chose it to be the cornerstone of their philanthropic endeavors.

“No matter what you do in life, it must be done with excellence and a vision to be the very best. Whatever you set out to do – build a business, volunteer for a cause, make a presentation, or be a street sweeper…do it with pride!  Be the best.  Make it memorable.  Shoot for the stars and reach the moon or die trying.”  – Sharon Virts

Scott and Sharon realize that certain advantages come with a measure of responsibility, and to this end, they have focused on the issues they hold dear.

The restoration of Selma Mansion brought to the forefront the need to preserve and protect historical sites, the natural extension of that is the need to support initiatives that fuel business and economic growth in the surrounding community.

When you become truly immersed in an area, it becomes clear where the strongest needs lie.  Education, healthcare, and the preservation of history and historical sites in Loudoun County have been the focus of Scott and Sharon’s philanthropic efforts. 

Scott and Sharon also saw a need in Loudoun County’s healthcare facilities. Inova Loudoun Hospital’s Virts Miller Family Emergency Trauma Center’s expansion and renovations made the hospital the county’s only Level 3 trauma center. 

Their Lucketts Elementary School endowment fulfilled their mission to help nurture the next generation of leaders. With the funds, Lucketts Elementary was able to expand upon their arts, music, and STEM enrichment programs and buildout the county’s innovative EDGE Academy.